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The stock gripper

Welcome to the home of the StockGripper.

 The StockGripper is a new product which will improve your storage and organization needs for your mops, brooms, shovels, rakes,  axes, fishing poles, baseball bats, golf clubs, etc…… The list goes on and on.

 The main advantage of the StockGripper is the ability to hang something as small as a fishing pole, to something as large as an axe handle. The StockGripper has a grip range of (0”-2”).

The two rubber gripper design protects your valuable property from metal to metal contact. Hang your shotgun or rifle, and the EPDM rubber will gently & firmly grip your property. EPDM is the same material that is used on garden hoses and roofing membranes, which means it is very weather resistant.

The “Heeled” design prevents the StockGripper from over-rotating under heavy loads.

The Stainless Steel Mounting Plate will not rust in a wet or humid environment.


101 Industrial Drive

Belleville, IL  62220

To contact us:

Phone: 618-277-6789

Fax: 618-233-6789

E-mail: sales@stockgripper.com


Possible Uses:


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Made In The USA

The StockTrack